Tibhar Genius+ Optimum Sound

Tibhar Genius+ Optimum Sound

$46.95 $34.95
Brand: Tibhar
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 86
Spin: 89
Control: 78
Hardness: Soft



This soft version of the Genius+ Optimum has an extremely strong catapult effect paired with a light playing sensation. You'll feel how the energy transfers from your bat to the ball. A weapon for players who, although they favor a soft attack, do not want to give up explosive strokes in an open game near or far from the table. The energy loaded sponge combined with the newly developed rubber surface offers an optimal mixture of dynamism, playing sensation, sound and control.
Great performance, poor longevity

While i love the spin, pace and control of the rubber, i find that it is a bit brittle. I often find small pieces of the rubber on the table during and after play that have simply fallen off the paddle without my racquet having touched the table at all during play. It doesn't seem to be a very durable rubber. Is anyone else seeing this?

- Ron P., NM

Very high quality rubber

Just received my order from PP for this rubber. It is a very high quality and nice feel rubber with a med-soft sponge. Not put on my blade yet, but it should be a good buy with this special price. Ill report how it performs later!

- Allan From Canada., AB

Excellent Rubber for forehand or backhand

This is the best rubber Ive found in my 2 year quest to find the perfect rubber. Excellent top-spin and high arc on drives and loops. Not the best chopping rubber, but not the worst either. It has many gears to help with drop shots, mid distance drives and slams. Im buying another sheet in black now before the special price ends. Highly recommend for aggressive loop/drivers who demand lots of spin, ball arc, control and speed. Control in the higher gears is better than most rubbers too. For choppers I would recommend regular genius. I prefer this rubber over regular Genius and Genius Sound. regular Genius is my backhand rubber, but I constantly flip my paddle during game play depending on if I want to chop or loop/drive

- Tony Goss, MO


This rubber is better than T05 or T64, outstanding control for the speed. Perfect for forehand or backhand on any blade.