#162 Stiga Offensive Classic penhold w/Traction MS Pro, Grass D.TecS

$166.85 $104.95
Item# ZPSOFFN162
Brand: Stiga
Type: Penhold: 2-Side

Chinese-style penhold blade with Traction MS Pro and Grass D.TecS rubbers. In Stock


This Stiga Offensive Classic blade with a Chinese-style penhold handle is assembled with Donic Traction MS Pro 2.1 red and Tibhar Grass D.TecS 1.6 black rubbers.

The blade: Chinese-style penhold version of the popular Stiga Offensive Classic blade. An attacking, lightweight blade. Offensive Classic is built to suit fast and technical attacking play.

Red rubber: DONIC has attained new dimensions of progress with new TRACTION rubbers. This innovative TRACTION TECHNOLOGY ensures better adhesion and stronger friction. Similar to satellite navigation, the new TRACTION rubbers will dispatch your top spin loops in the right direction. TRACTION MS PRO is the harder alternative for top class players. The taut top rubber surface and relatively hard sponge guarantee steep penetration and length with all top spin strokes. TRACTION MS PRO is ideal for aggressive services and returns due to the grippy top surface of the rubber. It also gives sufficient control for more defensive strokes.

Black rubber: Best Selling long pips rubber! With the integrated D.TecS effect in Tibhar's classical long pimples rubber, the player will experience new variations to cut the ball and to counter his opponent’s destabilising strokes. Thanks to the integrated tension in the pimples and the sponge, the pimples get softer, which enables the player to cut the ball in a sensational way. However, because of the softness of the rubber, the D.TecS effect provides amazing control plus enough speed to destabilize the opponent with nervous aggressive shots during disturbing attacks at the table.