#171 Stiga Allround Classic C-pen w/Hurricane 3-50 Mid, DNA Pro S

$132.85 $114.95
Item# ZPSACN171
Brand: Stiga
Type: Penhold: 2-Side

Chinese-penhold blade assembled with Hurricane 3-50 Mid and DNA Pro S rubbers. In Stock


This Stiga Allround Classic Chinese-style penhold blade is assembled with DHS Hurricane 3-50 Mid 2.1 red and Stiga DNA Pro S 2.1 black rubbers.

The blade: This is the penhold version of the popular Stiga Allround Classic blade. This blade is definitely a classic! Great for the allround player. Good control and all-around offense for a versatile all-around game. A perfect balance between speed, weight and feel lies behind Allround Classic´s enormous popularity among competitive players, who choose the best.

Red rubber: Hurricane 3-50 is the first choice for players who prefer to drive-loop and topspin. It integrates a tacky rubber with elastic sponge. The #50 sponge is receptive to ball contact, while the Hurricane 3 rubber friction grips and holds the ball. Such a combination provides the player with great ball feeling with every shot and suits players who want to exert a fast, stable loop attack.

Black rubber: Stiga DNA Pro was developed in collaboration with Swedish and Chinese national team members to create a rubber that is optimal for the modern, offensive playing style – a high performance rubber that delivers results. ESC (Enlarged Sponge Cells) technology means that the sponge has larger pores that provide a catapult effect, and thereby a higher arc in topspin rallies. It also means that the contact between the blade and the rubber is reinforced, thus providing a better feel and a crisp, clear sound when hitting the ball.