Stiga Calibra LT

$47.95 $33.95
Brand: Stiga
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 93
Spin: 85
Control: 72
Hardness: Medium-Hard

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Original price was in 2023

Calibra LT from STIGA has a medium hard sponge, suitable for the highly skilled player with excellent technique. Calibra LT is for advanced players who demand tremendous spin and speed, combined with a sensitive touch. If you want to advance your game, this is the rubber for you!

With the Calibra series we have created a totally new dimension to the game. We focused on creating a longer trajectory on the ball, as a long trajectory in today's game is more and more important. The combination of spin, speed and long trajectory is unique to this rubber series; you have never felt this level of play before. With the Calibra LT rubbers you will be able to perform strokes and shots never before possible. You will still have control for all the small shots and service return, but when you are attacking you will be in a totally new world. The Calibra LT series will take your game to another level.

Good Rubber

I just got calibra LT for the first time.I use this rubber for forhand kind of hard but when you hit it very hard it goes fast.

- Joey Promwongsa, OR

Feels good

Ive got a Timo Boll ZLF blade and am coming from having Tenergy 05 on FH. I got a red sheet in Max. A little lighter in weight. Great feel with a little lower trajectory. Doesnt have quite the same ball curve as 05 or as much spin but has plenty of power and more control. Better in the short game and away from the table. Blocking is excellent.

- Fred, MI