Donic Original True Carbon FL w/Donic Bluestorm Pro (#950)

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Item# ZSDOTC950
Brand: Donic
Type: Shakehand

Flared-handle blade assembled with Donic Bluestorm Pro Out of Stock

This Donic Original True Carbon blade with a flared handle is assembled with red & black Donic Bluestorm Pro 2.0 rubber.

The Blade: The Donic Original True Carbon blade presents the perfect combination of speed and feel. As a consequence of the change to plastic balls, many top players looked for a solution that would meet their high requirements -- a blade to compliment their powerful strokes while enabling them to play the short service and return game with precision and accuracy.

The combination of five high quality plies and two layers of carbon, plus a specially designed synthetic fiber, has resulted in a top quality blade. This means that the player is able to use the hardness of the blade for their power game, yet retain fine touch when reacting to their opponents' spin.

Red & Black Rubber: Donic Bluestorm Pro - Very fast, ensuring maximum speed and spin with outstanding control. Recommended for attackers who value a top-quality professional class rubber to improve their playing standard. The extreme catapult 50 sponge, has a top rubber sheet with excellent grip.

A rubber used by professionals and ideal for all players with high ambition, seeking the highest quality materials. This newly developed pimple rubber combination offers direct touch and excellent rebound. The sponge delivers an extremely good catapult effect. The most important recipe for success, however, is the make-up of the top surface rubber. This assists topspins even under the most difficult circumstances.

Bluestorm Pro is extremely dynamic and spinny, even when the ball is finely struck. It provides excellent control whether playing aggressively or passively. This is due to very high production standards. Strict quality control regarding weight and sponge hardness make for consistency and premium performance for every rubber.