Nittaku Hammond

Brand: Nittaku
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 85
Spin: 82
Control: 77
Hardness: Medium-Soft



Nittaku Hammond is extremely soft but very fast rubber sheet with a maximum spin.

Even though it is very fast, you still get outstanding control. Made in Japan in accordance with the finest Japanese production methods. Hammond is well-liked by top players.

Great for fast play: smashing, attacking and topspin. With the right sponge thickness this is the ideal rubber sheet for all offensive and allround players.

Great speed, I will not argue this. In Fact, the best slam Ive ever had was with this at my back hand.... and it was the best feeling kill shot Ive ever experienced. However, the short game is lacking. Repeatedly I have tried to do a small chop while having to lean very close into the net, and it almost Always goes off the end of the table. But, I still like this rubber, and would gladly order it again.

- Keith, TX

es para principiantes -1 star

Pitifully this rubber is not what says its qualification, being ideal for beginners that require a lot of control, this it doesnt have the enough speed and spin, it is but control, these rubbers were armed in a wood stiga Option Carbo offensive and they didnt give result. If you are beginner they are well for you.



the perfect rubber i was looking forward for looping and driving.exceptionally fast but has a lot control!

awesome rubber

I was looking for some rubber to be compatible with my speedy balde, soft and fast enough to have a great combination for my style, so finally I ended up with this rubber. I love it and my rating is just going up.

Toraj Ighani

The Ultimate Weapon!

Light, spinny, laser like speed, durable! What more could you ask for? Best rubber I have ever used.....hands down! Bravo Nittaku!

Good Rubber

Very nice rubber, great for topspin, nice sponge, not very tacky but it still plays well.


This rubber is a powerloopers dream! Light, fast, spinny, with surprising control. Very versatile in the short game and in service game as well. Combined with the right blade it can produce low throw warp speed loops and smashes! This rubber is NOT for the passive player. For those that want to dominate opponents with an overpowering offensive arsenal. On top of that a durable high quality topsheet. This rubber totally ROCKS!!!

Love it!

Id never like soft rubber before. Now I do, the hammond. It is pretty loud, fast!!, and spinny without speed glue. Lasts long. For me, it is good and forgiving when smasing, looping off the table, flipping and plocking.


nittaku hammond is an excellent rubber!You dont even need to glue it and it lasts long.Rubber with impressive speed an very good spin.If you combine it with a nittaku blade you will get an excellent table tennis.