Xiom Vega Pro

Brand: Xiom
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 87
Spin: 89
Control: 73
Hardness: Medium-Hard



Vega Pro XIOM: A professional players' rubber for the new era. Extreme topspin performance, which is indispensable for top players, is realized by the mixture of Xiom technologies: Hyper-Elasto and Carbo Sponge. The top sheet layer of "Hyper Elasto" technology is made of natural rubber for extraordinary grip and spin. The first generation of black "Carbo Sponge" provides unprecedented energy efficiency, and converts more energy from the stroke to the speed and spin of the ball. Pimples are densely arranged for a harder and more direct feel, preferred by top players. The ball from Vega Pro draws a higher and sharply curved ball trajectory. Players can immediately feel that the 'safe zone' above the net is enlarged. Accurate and precise response to the player's intension gives more opportunities to lead the game.

Professional Spin Weapon
Innovatively enlarged attack window over the net
New Black Carbo sponge to generate more power
Doubled lifetime and max durability