#130 Stellan Bengtsson Alpha C-pen w/Air Condle

#130 Stellan Bengtsson Alpha C-pen w/Air Condle

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Item# ZPJBEA130
Brand: Juic
Type: Penhold: 2-Side

Chinese penhold blade assembled with Air Condle red and black rubber.

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This Juic Stellan Bengtsson Alpha Chinese penhold blade is assembled with Juic Air Condle 2.0 red and black rubber.

The blade: Stellan Bengtsson Alpha Penhold blade: New and awesome! This is the Chinese-style penhold version of the blade designed and used by former World Champion Stellan Bengtsson ("71). Stellan is a world-renowned coach and one of the most highly respected players in table tennis. The blade is an ALL+ allround blade, medium in weight, fast allround in speed, with 5 plies wood and two layers of carbokev (carbon/kevlar). It has very little vibration and a fantastic huge sweet spot. This is an excellent blade for virtually all players.

The rubber: You've been experimenting with new rubbers since the change in gluing rules. Some new rubbers have excellent spin but lack in durability. Some have excellent power, but have less spin and durability. HERE and NOW is Air Condle, the rubber with great SPIN, CONTROL, POWER, and DURABILITY. Furthermore, water-based glue is used in the manufacturing process to adhere the topsheet and sponge, to benefit players' health and the environment, and enabling a green light when tested for VOC's.