Paddle Palace is the North American Distributor for Andro!

Andro is a passionate German table tennis brand and provides anything for the ambitioned player.

Andro loves to create, to innovate - and they love to play. Andro is an international team of dedicated top level table tennis players from Germany, Japan and France - that are obsessed with developing products for our sport and improving them to perfection. Their background makes them an authentic and passionate brand in the industry focusing on competitive table tennis, no matter if you play for your federation, in a club or on the street.

Credibility in sports is key. Don't expect miracles. Even the best rubber or blade is nothing without your ambition. Based on their knowledge, they want to deliver the material that exactly fits your skills and improves your personal game.

Andro is convinced that table tennis connects people globally and has an impact on our social life. Or as Adam Bobrow would say: Wanna Play?