Nittaku Table Tennis / Since 1947.

The Nippon Takkyu Co, Ltd. was established in 1920, and started producing table tennis products in 1947. Inducted into the US Table Tennis Hall of Fame as a “Contributor” in 1988, Nittaku has been the official ball of the US Open and the US Nationals since 1980. Nittaku balls were first selected for the World Championships in 1971 and for many World Championships, European Championships, and Olympic Games.

In addition to balls, NITTAKU is also well-known for its excellence in producing a full range of high-quality blades including the Acoustic and Violin lines, which are made using String Instrument Manufacturing technology. In addition to balls and blades, Nittaku produces a wide range of rubber, clothing, shoes, and accessories.

USA National Team Member Sarah Jalli uses Nittaku products, as does USA National Team Coach Samson Dubina.