#167 Yasaka Ma Lin Carbon Chinese Penhold w/Genesis II S, Mark V HPS Soft

$165.85 $124.95
Item# ZPYMACC167
Brand: Yasaka
Type: Penhold: 2-Side

Penhold blade assembled with Genesis II S and Mark V HPS Soft rubbers. In Stock


This Yasaka Ma Lin Carbon blade with a Chinese penhold style handle is assembled with Stiga Genesis II S 2.0 red and Yasaka Mark V HPS Soft 2.0 black rubbers.

The blade:Used by 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist Ma Lin! (in previous competitions). Chinese-style penhold blade. Ma Lin appreciates the ease of powerful blocking and looping of this offensive blade. Very little vibration due to high quality wood and the process of joining wood and carbon.

Red rubber: Stiga Genesis II is a spin oriented updated version of the original Stiga Genesis Rubber. Genesis II combines the best of the major table tennis cultures into one rubber. It has a potent synthesis of Japanese/Stiga developed OCS-technology, Swedish knowledge and a new ultra spinny elastic top sheet made in China. The new tacky top sheet is developed specially for the ABS-ball in order to create maximum spin. Genesis II is also sustainably developed to increase the durability and life expectancy of the rubber. Genesis II S with soft sponge gives a high pitch sound and incredible spin and touch.

Black rubber: Mark V HPS SOFT is an outstanding top-of-the-range fast table tennis rubber giving you all the characteristics required for advanced offensive play. The HPS (Hybrid Power Sponge) technology used in this rubber is the result of the newest advances in Japanese rubber technology. It provides improved dynamics in the sponge, and more speed and spin, without higher weight.