#766 Hunter Techno-Power FL w/Flyatt Hard, Moristo DF

#766 Hunter Techno-Power FL w/Flyatt Hard, Moristo DF

$157.85 $134.95
Item# ZSPTEC766
Type: Shakehand

Flared-handle blade with Flyatt Hard and Moristo DF rubber. In Stock


This Hunter Techno-Power blade with a flared handle is assembled with Nittaku Flyatt Hard 2.0 red and Nittaku Moristo DF 1.8 black rubber.

The blade: A Paddle Palace Pick! The Hunter Techno-Power has two ultra-thin layers of carbon. It gives you the added speed of carbon, with the amazing touch of the Hunter wood combination. The Techno-Power is designed for the advanced offensive player who loops and hits and wants a FAST blade!

Red rubber: Flyatt Hard, from NITTAKU, is the harder sponge version of Flyatt table tennis rubber. Produced from high grade natural rubber with the help of advanced high polymer Active Charge Technology. You will enjoy outstanding spin and speed with ideal ball trajectory. Harder sponge for excellent power play.

Black rubber: Amazing feeling for defensive and allround play. The topsheet and sponge have super elasticity. Ball goes deep into sponge for a great spring effect, but with slower speed it also provides a "hang effect" with excellent control.