#810 Epox Topspeed FL w/Vario Sound

$156.85 $134.95
Item# ZSDETO810
Type: Shakehand

Flared-handle blade assembled with Vario Sound rubbers. In Stock


This Donic Epox Topspeed blade with a flared handle is assembled with Donic Vario Sound 2.0 red and black rubber.

The blade: The fastest of all Epox blades with absolute Topspeed! Its hard inner veneers give DONIC EPOX Topspeed extremely high rigidity which creates unmatched speed and power for offensive play. Even when playing passive blocks or counter attacks, the EPOX Topspeed blade is suitable for all playing variations - most important for today's high speed table tennis.

The rubber: THE SOUND MACHINE "Made in Japan" The latest development of the VARIO rubber family has incorporated a soft sponge and extremely elastic top surface rubber. Japanese know-how has resulted in a very distinctive loud sound when top-spinning. This rubber is the softest of the three Japanese Vario rubbers and is very spinny. It produces a high arc of the ball with fast topspin. Suitable for attackers who like to combine a stiff blade with soft rubbers or allrounders who place value on spin, control plus good when striking the ball. DONIC Vario Sound - the rubber with a unique sound system