#868 Nittaku Ludeak FL w/Bluestorm Z3, Bluefire M3

$196.85 $149.95
Item# ZSNLUD868
Brand: Nittaku
Type: Shakehand

Flared-handle blade assembled with Bluestorm Z3 and Bluefire M3 rubbers. Out of Stock

This Nittaku Ludeack blade with a flared handle is assembled with Donic Bluestorm Z3 2.1 red and Donic Bluefire M3 1.8 black rubber.

The blade: Seven plies of powerful wood result in this weapon of choice for players looking for a fast and powerful blade. "Good feeling" describes the Ludeack.

Red rubber: Bluestorm Z3 with its large pored 42.5 sponge is considerably softer. This makes a difference. One not only feels it but also hears it. Lovers of freshly glued rubbers will delight in the sound. An attacking stroke with Bluestorm Z3 sounds like the crash of thunder, yet the topspin player remains in full control.

Black rubber: DONIC's new Bluefire is a completely new rubber development offering top speed. A new high-tech generation of rubbers in the proven Formula FD3-technology has been developed as a result of the perfect combination of the large pored blue sponge with an extremely spinny top surface rubber. The top rubber with its small, long pimpled-in structure lends the rubber the best possible flexibility and sensational feeling. Above all, the Bluefire is unbelievably fast with a characteristic high arc when top-spinning that enables maximum spin and increased speed.
Characteristics: Perfect adjustment of the soft version with precise feel, excellent spin and perfect sound.
Recommended for: Players that prefer soft rubbers with perfect control and good speed. Also for aggressive all-round players.