Stiga Airoc M

$49.95 $36.95
Brand: Stiga
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 94
Spin: 93
Control: 69
Hardness: Medium

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Original price was in 2019


Stiga Airoc utilizes Stiga's OCS sponge technology (Oxygen Capsule System) to increase catapult effect without changing the spin ratio. This allows aggressive players to maintain the same spin/speed proportions they have always enjoyed. The key to this evolutionary advancement is the delicate balance between the size of the air pockets within the sponge and the elasticity of the top sheet. Stiga's engineers tested many different pips designs and tensions to achieve the perfect rubber for the attacking player. Poly Ball Optimized!

Stiga Airoc M is the Medium sponge version. Airoc M increases the catapult effect without changing the spin ratio.

Good but too heavy

used in 1.7mm on FH, Allround blade. This rubber generates very good topspin from small-moves FH topspin/sidespin blocks; is also very good in counterhits and direct hits. Quite fast, and it feels like hitting with a brick. My technique for loops and pushes is rather weak and the results are mixed. Lower throw than Xiom Vega Europe. Heavy, I estimate it at 48g glued, and the most sensitive to incoming spin among my rubbers. Given these and the price, I dont intend to buy it again. Never used with the new poly-ball. Review submitted June 2015

- GC, IL