Andro Hexer Pips

Brand: Andro
Rubber Type: Short Pips
Speed: 88/87
Spin: 61/60
Control: 75
Hardness: Medium



Andro Hexer Pips combines two different geometries in one rubber! Hexer rubbers have been well received by many players all over the world. This is why we bundled all the positive Hexer characteristics to put it into Hexer Pips! The first pimple-out rubber by andro that bases on a fourth generation Tensor sponge.

The rubber mixture of 100% natural rubber serves Hexer Pips with a high durability and long lasting stability, while the soft sponge keeps speed and control on an exquisite level.

Moreover Hexer Pips is a highlight on the pimple-out rubber segment as it combines two different geometries in one rubber! We call it ECLECTIC PERFORMANCE, as the user can choose between a lengthwise and a crosswise geometry.

Well, which one are you going to choose!?