Andro Rasanter R50

Item# RAR50
Brand: Andro
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 97
Spin: 96
Control: 67
Hardness: Hard



New Andro Rasanter R50: Your profile is spin driven. You will take the lead with spin at maximum speed.

As a high to pro level player you have what it takes to master the power of this top level 50 hardness sponge boosting your topspin play.

Your full throttle short strokes will activate unseen spin performance at maximum speed. Set a new benchmark with the R50 and be feared. Be honest to yourself and read above text about skills needed again.
Good Control and spins

I am penhold player and use it on BH with Fan Bo - Seven wood blade. My FH is H3 hardness 41. This rubber is very good control, fast block excellent direct the ball to where I wanna hit. My BH loop and short flicks are improved more accuracy. Corner to corner loop and block are much easy with RASANTER R50. It takes time to get used to hard rubber. You need few months to get hands on it, keeping practicing. After two months, your loops are faster and more spiny with this rubber. I think that R47 is much easy to play at first time. Just try both, stay the one good for your BH.... HOUSTON, TX