Andro Synteliac VCI

Brand: Andro
Class: OFF-
Speed: 89
Control: 65
Blade Weight: 86
Plies: 5w, 2c/a
Blade Thickness: 6.0
Blade Handles: FL, ST



SPEED WINS with the all-new Andro Synteliac series of blades!
Time - or reaction time - to be precise, is an important factor in winning points. The clearer and more unambiguous the feedback from the ball hit, the faster your reaction can be. These are exactly the vibration-reducing advantages of Andro's new Synteliac synthetic fibers. You can get the immediate feedback as to whether you have hit the ball correctly, and be ready for the next shot faster.

With Andro Synteliac VCI, the Voltema fiber interlayer is located directly on the core veneer. The wooden veneers got more influence on the ball impact point. This makes the touch softer and even more sensitive.

Due to the perceived longer ball contact time compared to the VCO, your shots gain precision and quality without losing danger.

Andro Synteliac VCI adds safety to your passive game. Speed and ball control are well balanced. No feeling of oversteer.

Players who base their offensive system on variable topspins and precise strokes will enjoy playing the Synteliac VCI.

The synthetic fibers Zyreema and Voltema are among the most modern of their kind. Zyreema provides the blade a hard, crystal-clear feeling and huge speed reserves. Voltema, on the other hand, provides moderate wood hardness, incredible feeling and a great balance between speed and control. In combination with Carbon they set new standards in the SYNTELIAC series. Optimize your reaction time with crystal-clear response feedback and efficient vibration suppression and experience the sensory, almost intuitive feel of the ball with a maximum sweet spot.