Andro Treiber CO ALL/S

Brand: Andro
Class: ALL+
Speed: 84
Control: 69
Blade Weight: 88
Plies: 5w, 2c/k
Blade Thickness: 5.9
Blade Handles: FL, ST
Material: Wood + Composite



The Andro Treiber CO ALL/S is the latest addition to the Treiber series of Andro blades. This carbon/wood offensive allround blade is great option for younger or novice players looking to start their first custom paddle.

- This offensive carbon wood ALL/S enables the all-rounder to exert more pressure on the ball.

- The outer construction with synthetic fiber under the outer veneer facilitates offensive strokes, especially on backspin or on balls with less speed.

- An enlarged sweetspot due to carbon increases consistency in both active and passive situations.

- The Andro Treiber CO ALL/S is the blade of choice for ambitious youngsters as well as for players who want to score with well-dosed offensive actions.