Butterfly Bryce FX

Brand: Butterfly
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 87
Spin: 87
Control: 74
Hardness: Medium-Soft



Butterfly Bryce FX is powered by High Tension, which reduces energy loss at the ball rebound as much as 18% compared to other rubbers. As both rubber and sponge are flexible and highly resilient, they catch and absorb the oncoming ball and catapult it with your own added speed and spin. Same top sheet as Bryce, but with a softer sponge. This allows for more dwell time and a better feel.
Durability is issue

This rubber has all the gears needed to win a point, but its durability is far too short for its price. After two months of playing, the tackiness is gone and the surface became so dry. The only thing is left is the speed. I believe there are so many rubbers that have all the gears but cost a lot less, and of course, they last longer.


great spin, speedy, delicate

I concur with the first two reviewers. Mine shows significant wear after 3 months...

101 on Rubber

This is a superb rubber, spin is great and speed is perfect for my kind of play. But i hate how its very week, the rubber doesnt stay together well in fact its very easy to tear had mines for only a month an already has damages of a 4 year Old Juic Couga. Not the best buy for a player who is not constantly changing rubbers.

great rubber for a month

I loved this rubber...for about a month. Then it starts falling apart around the edges and loses all tackiness. Now its just dry and dull - still fast but lacking a good surface. I suspect Ill have about another month with it before its worthless. Great except for the durabilty and sustainance issues.

count smackula

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