Butterfly Bryce Speed FX

Brand: Butterfly
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 94
Spin: 88
Control: 71
Hardness: Medium-Soft



Bryce Speed FX has the same rubber topsheet as Bryce Speed paired with a softer, more flexible sponge, resulting in greater control for the player.
Bryce Speed FX is for world class player

Bryce Speed FX is perfect for Kreanga Carbon blade, if you cant play with Bryce Speed FX your skill is not up there yet.


Bryce Speed FX used with Timo Boll Spirit TBSpirit

I started to use this rubber 2+mm on my backhand side with an old all-wood Stiga blade. It was acceptable for counter-top spin, with connecting movement delivered almost horizontally, then applied with a powerful circular drive by wrist. Again, the undercut service or push had to be handled by a Kreanga-like movement to pull out the under-spin, not a pleasurable practice. It required high level precision to work. . It was exceptional for counter smash on top-spins and short wrist counter top-spin, or even better, a side/top spin high precision mixture technique. The smash was like a bullet and could be easily performed on any top/side spin coming at you. Overall, with 6-7 grade on a scale of 10; I liked the power. Then I switched to Timo Boll Spirit Blade. The Brice Speed FX rubber was a disaster in every way!!! You can not top/side spin with it since everything goes over the table, as almost every block does. The counter top-spin requires almost horizontal touch on top of the ball with very short wrist movement to be able to return it to the table. It does not reverse the spin sufficiently, so a smash was coming at me all the time. Also, from twisted wrist waiting/preparation position, my whole lower arm was in pain for days after an hour of practice on Newby. During the matches, I had to keep in mind to keep my hand high all the time for a horizontal hitting move to follow. I was tired after couple ten minutes of training this way. The biggest problem is that you do not have an acceptable blade surface opening for most of the backhand hits and 70% of your hits are coming to the blade’s edge. The undercut can not be started with top-spin since everything went over the table. I did try all possible open angles but it did not work. The counter-smash however is so fast that you can not see it landing; amazing! It is 60-70% sure with any acceptable smash movement. Oh yeh! You can not push back 70% of your incoming pushes; it goes over the table no matter how delicate you are. Overall, there is no dwelling time on this rubber used with TBS, so everything is coming out wrong. If you do not want to become a neurotic, do not use this rubber on TBS. Tiberi, CA


Not worth the money

I used a sheet on a CPH Carbon-arylate blade. It did not play like a glued Bryce FX at all comparing to sound, speed & spin. May be like a non-glued Sriver. Not worth the extra money! Yasaka Pride 30/40 are more similar to glued Bryce FX.

- Allan Y., AB


mucha potencia y adecuado control.sp: 2.1 mm, blade: jp haruvatar penholder

Gabriel Fuentes de Chile

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