CHAMPION SPECIAL: Hina Hayata  [JPN] // Nittaku

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Brand: Nittaku

Paddle set-up of Hina Hayata [Japan]....
- 2021 World Championships Mixed Doubles Silver
- #3 World Ranking

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The Nittaku Hina Hayata H2 blade (flared handle) is assembled with black DHS Hurricane 3 National Blue (2.2) and red Butterfly Dignics 05 rubber (2.1mm sponge).

THE BLADE: The Nittaku Hina Hayata H2 blade has great power in its suppleness. Designed and tested by top Ladies Japanese player, Hina Hayata. The new material "PKC", which combines high elastic KevlarŪ and carbon, is installed in the inner blade, which has a soft hitting feel that is easy to feel and a delicate ball touch. While taking advantage of the fine wood, it will give the blade explosive power. The carefully selected large blade shape maximizes the flexibility that creates a sense of rotation and stability. With a soft hitting feel and a delicate ball touch, the blade is finished with explosive power while taking advantage of the fineness of the wood.

BLACK RUBBER: DHS Hurricane 3 National Edition is the highest quality version of Hurricane 3 rubber available. With the National version, you can expect a dramatic increase in spin, control, and speed. Everything you enjoy from the original Hurricane 3 has been amplified!. Blue sponge is slightly harder than the Orange sponge.

RED RUBBER: Butterfly Dignics 05 guides your play to a more advanced level. The essence is the combination of Spring Sponge X, the advanced version of Spring Sponge which has more elasticity; the uniquely composed top sheet, with strengthened abrasion, proves great resistance on the surface, providing the feeling of holding the ball at impact. Adopting pimples code No.05, recognized for its high spin performance, DIGNICS 05 is recommended for the player who seeks to generate a high level attacking play imparting powerful topspin, as well as counter topspin play, both close to the table and at mid distance.