Donic Balsa Carbo Certran Fiber

Brand: Donic
Class: OFF+
Speed: 98
Control: 57
Blade Weight: 75
Plies: 5w, 2c/f
Blade Thickness: 6.8
Blade Handles: FL, AN, ST
Material: Wood + Composite



Donic Balsa Carbo Certran Fiber - Extremely light, very hard and stunningly fast.

- For uncompromising attackers who hit the ball hard. Especially suitable when used with soft rubbers.

- Technology: 7 plies of Balsa (inner, 4mm), Limba (3&5) Certran Carbon (2&6), Koto (1&7, outer)

DONIC BALSA CARBO CERTRAN FIBER - Extreme Power with a light touch
There are no compromises with this blade. Certran Carbon, an artificial fiber, has been combined with a new carbon layer and has been placed directly under the Koto outer veneers. The result is extreme hardness for the latest model in the Balsa Carbo Line. Combined with the 4 mm thick balsa core, this makes for an astonishingly light blade.

At 75g the BALSA CARBO CERTRAN FIBER is one of Donic's lightest blades ever. It is also superfast. Even faster and harder than the Carbo Fleece.

BALSA CARBO CERTRAN FIBER is an attacking blade for all players who stay close to the table and play a ferocious power game.