Dr. Neubauer ABS 2 Evo

Item# RUAB2E
Brand: Dr. Neubauer
Rubber Type: Anti Spin
Speed: 48
Spin: x
Control: 89
Hardness: Medium



Dr. Neubauer ABS 2 Evo... Maximum effect with frictionless Anti-Spin rubber.

This new version comes with a slightly harder rubber formula than the frictionless Anti-Spin rubber, ABS 2. This shortens the contact time during ball impact and enables ABS 2 Evo to produce a bit more spin reversal.

Another decisive factor is that the ball bounces even lower while blocking, including against fast topspin shots with little spin. This will cause more trouble to your opponent.

ABS 2 Evo is not only highly effective for passive blocking, but also enables the player to produce a more active blocking game through slightly moving the bat forward upon ball impact. The ball will be returned faster and with good backspin to the other side of the table, causing yet again more confusion.

All classic attacking shots with frictioness Anti-Spin rubbers, such as aggressive pushing and lifting can be performed at ease, making ABS 2 EVO a highly disruptive and versatile weapon.

All active shots, including active blocking against topspin, work best with the thinner sponge versions 1.8 and 2.1mm. The thicker sponge versions, 2.3 and 2.5mm, are slower and provide more control for passive blocking.