Dr. Neubauer ABS 2 Soft

Item# RUAB2S
Brand: Dr. Neubauer
Rubber Type: Anti Spin
Speed: 50
Control: 89
Hardness: Medium



Dr. Neubauer's anti-spin rubber A-B-S 2 has quickly become a benchmark for blocking close to the table. This new version, A-B-S 2 Soft, comes with the same pink colored dampening sponge; however, they have reworked the rubber formula of the topsheet. This provides an even better control and make it even easier to find the right angle for the bat while blocking, especially against fast topspin shots. Also, A-B-S 2 Soft provides improved control which used with modern 40+ ABS balls.

The spin reversal produced is the same as the original; however, they have improved the attacking possibilities: Backspin balls can be hit with a fast wrist movement, and counter-attacking is a bit easier to perform. A-B-S 2 Soft is probably the first frictionless anti-spin rubber on the market that also allows for active blocking, since the bat can be gently moved forward while blocking. This will produce a diving ball and also spin reversal. This way you do not need to block short over the net every time; instead, it is possible to change the rhythm of the game.

Just like A-B-S 2, this new version provides outstanding control that will enable you to reach maximium effectiveness even on fast blades, including with ABS balls.

Available with dampening sponge in the following thicknesses:
2.1 mm (best spin reversal, low speed)
2.3 mm (very good spin reversal, even lower speed, very good control)
2.5 mm (still very good spin reversal, slowest version, very good control)

Comes with glue sheet attached for easy installation