Dr. Neubauer Allround Premium 2

Item# RUAP2
Brand: Dr. Neubauer
Rubber Type: Long Pips
Speed: 55
Spin: 75
Control: 83



Allround Premium had set a new benchmark for an allround type of game with long pimples.

The new version Allround Premium 2 was also developed for a highly active and complete long pips game. It is a genuine improvement since it was entirely designed for use with the plastic ball. Blocking and most of all chop-blocking with a short and fast stroke will keep your opponent busy.

However Allround Premium 2 unveils its whole potential while playing actively:
The ball can be accelerated at ease with a simple wrist movement especially against chopped balls.
Flicking over the table, for example against short backspin balls or for service returning, can also be performed very easily. Even counter-attacking against float balls is possible with some practice. Finally a "dummy loop" can also be produced easily, just like with the original version.

All in all, Allround Premium 2 is a great weapon for blocking/chop-blocking close to the table and then putting your opponent under pressure right away.