Dr. Neubauer Desperado 2

Item# RUDE2
Brand: Dr. Neubauer
Rubber Type: Long Pips
Speed: 50
Spin: 72
Control: 84
Hardness: Medium-Soft



Dr. Neubauer Desperado 2 rubber is the latest development for a disruptive blocking game close to the table using long pimples. Since the new plastic ball comes with less spin it has become even more important to produce a consistent and effective blocking game against fast topspin balls that have little rotation.

Desperado 2 will enable you to keep the ball low while blocking. Especially chop-blocking will give a ball that literally "dives" on the other side of the table.

Desperado 2 is highly effective for blocking close to the table and it is fun to play with -- try it out!