Dr. Neubauer Grizzly

$54.95 $39.95
Brand: Dr. Neubauer
Rubber Type: Anti Spin
Speed: 70
Spin: x
Control: 82
Hardness: Medium

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GRIZZLY: This anti-topspin rubber is the new milestone for the all-round game.
*Particularly recommended for counter-attacking, aggressive pushing and lifting.
*Excellent for chopping.
*Excellent disruptive effect when blocking.

Dr. Neubauer GRIZZLY is Dr Neubauer's second answer to the ban of frictionless long pimples. All players that have previously been playing with the long pimple rubbers 'Boomerang', 'Monster' or 'Roulette' will be delighted.

This innovative Anti-Spin rubber is particularly adapted to an all-round game. GRIZZLY offers a good control and a great disruptive effect while blocking close to the table.

It is also very effective for classical defence because it provides both a very good control and a lot of backspin variation. Even strong topspin shots can be returned with a flat flight path and a maximum of backspin. It is also effective for control and placing of service returns.

GRIZZLY is an excellent replacement for frictionless long pimples because it permits formidable attacking possibilities when playing close to the table:
Backspin shots can be returned aggressively through dynamic pushing. It is also particularly adapted to taking the initiative by counter-attacking against float or driven shots.

GRIZZLY is most effective when used with a 1.0mm sponge, thus provides the optimum combination of control, attacking possibilities and disruptive effects.

Please note, this is the original Grizzly. There is a new Grizzly with ABS sponge. The packaging for both the original and new versions of Grizzly are the same. The sponges are different colors, with the original being white, while the new version is peach.