Dr. Neubauer Matador Texa

Brand: Dr. Neubauer
Class: OFF
Speed: 95
Control: 62
Blade Weight: 89
Plies: 7w, 2f
Blade Thickness: 6.0
Blade Handles: FL, AN, ST
Material: Wood + Composite



The new Matador Texa blade from Dr. Neubauer is based on a similar plywood composition to the original Matador, but it is enhanced with selected fiber material to reach a total of 9 plies. This results in a slightly faster blade with high power for a modern offensive game. Both fast topspin shots and high-rotation loop balls can be performed without any problem.

At the same time Matador Texa is highly effective in combination with pimple-out and anti-spin rubbers. The blade produces a low bounce both while blocking passively and while chop-blocking aggressively with long pimples. Just like with the existing Matador, maximum spin reversal can be produced while blocking with frictionless anti-spin rubbers. Despite the high speed of the blade it allows for very short blocking with this type of rubber. Finally, this blade allows for a very dynamic attacking game with offensive pimple-out rubbers.

Matador Texa A must have for maximum dynamics and efficacy.