Dr. Neubauer Tornado Supreme Soft

Brand: Dr. Neubauer
Rubber Type: Short Pips
Speed: 94
Spin: 84
Control: 85
Hardness: Soft



Dr. Neubauer Tornado Supreme Soft... Speed, Spin and Control with short pimples.

Tornado Supreme Soft enables the player to reach high speed thanks to its fast and very soft sponge. Both counter-attacking and straight hitting are surprisingly easy to perform.

At the same time the rubber also excels for attacking with rotation. The player can produce a lot of spin while serving and looping.

The rubber comes with a very soft feeling which will especially suit players who enjoy using fast and soft short pimple rubbers with high spin and control.

This makes Tornado Supreme Soft a very good alternative for players aiming to switch from inverted rubbers to soft short pips without difficulty.