Dr. Neubauer Trouble Maker

Brand: Dr. Neubauer
Rubber Type: Long Pips
Speed: 51
Spin: 75
Control: 85



Dr. Neubauer Trouble Maker enables the player to produce a deceptive game close to the table, even against offensive shots with less spin.

The most effective shot with this rubber consists of chop-blocking close to the table against topspin. It will be difficult for your opponents to produce their next attack.
The ball can be kept low both while blocking passively and while chop-blocking, even causing some wobbling and sinking effect.
TROUBLE MAKER is also quite effective for an active long pimple game as aggressive pushing can be performed very easily, especially against chopped balls.
Surprisingly the rubber is also a good weapon for classical defense, producing very good backspin and a low flight path, with a noticeable sinking effect of the ball.
The rubber was exclusively developed for use with plastic balls and comes with good control, both for passive shots and for an active type of game.