Xiom Extreme S

Brand: Xiom
Class: OFF+
Speed: 95
Control: 61
Blade Weight: 92
Plies: 7w
Blade Thickness: 7.0
Blade Handles: FL, ST
Material: All Wood



Piercing speed and destructive power identifies the Xiom Extreme S. Newly constructed with a classic 7-ply combination shows the amazing power performance in this offensive blade. Special layer construction focused on the very sharp and delicate control for top-spin drives and defensive blocks. Superb fit for both mid-distance power play and close to the net speed play.

I just got the Xiom Extreme S blade with a Tenergy 64 and Tenergy 80. It is a sensational paddle with extraordinary speed and spin. Love the control and overall performance ,a true winner. But what I really like to talk about in this review is the pride and care the people in Paddle Palace put in each paddle they assemble. It is a beautifull blade , the rubbers cut perfectly, the tape , all the details, it will take me at least 100 tries and 100 more hours in order to get such a incredibly assembly. Hats off , you guys are the best!!!

- ernesto torres, PR