Butterfly Feint OX

Brand: Butterfly
Rubber Type: Long Pips
Speed: 59
Spin: 59
Control: 89



Feint OX is the Feint Soft surface sheet without sponge backing. Reverses spin. Plays slower and more unpredictably than Feint Soft. Good for close-to-the-table defense.

The ox (no sponge) version comes with an attached glue sheet to ease application to your blade.

Long Pips Attack

Ive used this Butterfly rubber for years. I use it for top-spin attack as well as for underspin defense. The only thing wrong is the name. The red rubber should be called The Tantrum; the black rubber should be called The Black Hole. Attacking with long pips sans sponge isnt easy. It aint for the feint of heart. But if you have the guts and the determination, remember it will be twice as hard for your opponent to learn how to return the shot, than it will be for you to learn how to make it. I reccomend long pips OX in combination with a high quality sponge rubber surface on opposite side.

- Stephen Dreyfus, SC

choppers dream

Feint Ox makes chopping against loops easy, and returns heavy underspin. You can also pick hit the chop.

- Mark Hoffman, IL

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