Tibhar Grass Flex

$53.95 $39.95
Brand: Tibhar
Rubber Type: Long Pips
Speed: 70
Spin: 50
Control: 84
Hardness: Hard



Half-Long Pips Thanks to a soft sponge, this half-long pimple rubber offers very good control during return of service and the block game, and it delivers disturbing tricky returns. In the 1.3 and 1.6 mm versions this rubber will enable you to carry out disturbing returns against your opponent. The OX (no sponge) version is particularly adapted to a defensive game and gives exceptional sensation; it is ideal for playing both close to the table and also defensively away from the table. In addition, Grass Flex will enable you to counter your opponent’s undercut and dangerous balls and to respond to them through the attacking game. The ox (no sponge) version comes with an attached glue sheet to ease application to your blade.