Hallmark Phoenix

$46.95 $29.95
Brand: Hallmark
Rubber Type: Long Pips
Speed: 53
Spin: 69
Control: 83



This new long pimple has friction and is designed for players who like to stay close to the table and block against topspin. The special rubber formulation and geometry combined with the Hallmark super anti sponge will enable players to block topspin with a high level of control. Returns are low over the net with some spin reversal obtained. Spin serves can be returned with ease and push and float balls can be attacked aggressively without problem with some spin generated from the rubber.
1.8 lp

this rubber is great for allround play and counterhitting easy controle concentrate on keeping the ball low over the net blocking fast top spin needs a slight forward movement of the bat at point of contact just putting the bat in the way will make the return go long chop only one or maybe two balls away from the table then make a slow countertopspin stroke against your attacking opponent and watch him strugle with it produces a no spin ball but he wont know untill it lands then to late its not a choping rubber you can chop block but not the best it has excelent controle easy spin variation counterhits realy well opponents will find it awarkwad to play against as long as you play a variety of strokes and not the same one every time this is the only long pip I can knock up on the backhand using topspin all the time I use the 1.8/2.0 sponge which is an anti sponge this seems to allow the ball to sink into the rubber at vareing degrees to produce or not what spin you want I change my rubbers quite often looking for something better but have kept this all season and cant fault it for my game

A disturbing long pip

I have used long pips for a while, and have tried many on the market. After the frictionless LP became illegal- I settled on this rubber as the best replacement for the frictionless LP style usually close the table blocker/ chop blocker. Best spin reversal for a friction LP, can attack underspin well, can defend away from table if needed but not its forte. One drawback is that it takes precise positioning of blade to block back a high speed loop although it can be done with practice and is very effective in disturbing the opponent or take a step or two back and chop block. Do not try to remove rubber from blade to blade the back is very thin- if left on one blade it is very durable. Have used for 2 yrs now rating is 1850.

no hype, good stuff...

Theres never been much hype about Phoenix, but I think its a great long pip, especially in the OX; Its got very good reversal, good wobble, and enough spin and speed to attack with; But its not super fast, so you can still defend at the table; The pips are very durable... Ive yet to break any on several sheets over about two years; If you want it a little slower, then the super slow, ultra-light sponge will provide that as well; The main drawback has to be that its rather pricey... but I think the durability offsets that a lot;

Dave ...2000+