Hunter Apex AC

Brand: Hunter
Class: OFF
Speed: 95
Control: 66
Blade Weight: 87
Plies: 5w,2c/a
Blade Thickness: 5.8
Blade Handles: FL, ST
Combo Price: $235.95
Material: Wood + Composite

Also Available as Combo Special Paddle!


The All-New Hunter Apex AC blade is a tour-de-force for players that like to step back and let it RIP!

Utilizing revolutionary AC carbon fiber directly under spin friendly outer plies, this blade will provide you with flexibility and touch on your shots from every distance and allow for heavy topspin strokes.

A BRAND APART. Our Hunter brand has a rich history.
Developed in the 1980s, the original blades were made by hand in our Paddle Palace warehouse. Over the years, we expanded our line of blades to include the finest wood and carbon technology with premium construction and quality.

We’re excited to evolve our Hunter brand again, with the new fantastic, top-of-the-line Apex blades.
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