Jan-Ove Waldner: A Table Tennis Virtuoso DVD

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2 DVD set, 230 minutes
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This special DVD production, Jan-Ove Waldner: A Table Tennis Virtuoso, highlights two decades of this revered icon of table tennis! This 2-DVD Set includes 230 minutes of entertainment.

The ultimate DVD production about the Ultimate Table Tennis Player!
*His greatest play and career highlights.
*Slo-motion replays of the many aspects of Waldner's game.
*Never before seen footage and interviews.
*Special features

Two decades of his mastery of the sport
*An astounding array of unique shots and tactics.
*The most innovative player ever...pure genius
*Deemed The Mozart and The Maestro of Table Tennis

Impressive Titles
*Olympic Singles Medalist: 1 gold, 1 silver
*World Champion Singles: 2 gold, 2 silver, 2 bronze
*Five years as the top ranked player in the world
*Led the Swedish team to 8 World Team Finals with 4 titles

Part 1: 1980-1994
Part 2: 1995-2005

A DVD treasure of a once-in-a-lifetime player!

Table tennis fans all over the world have waited for this DVD for many years: The best passages of play by the best table tennis player of all time! This is a double DVD set with over three hours playing time, including studies on the technique of the incomparable player Jan-Ove Waldner. This is not only table tennis at the highest level, this is an exhibition of pure art, and also a piece of sportís history.

This DVD in English offers fascinating viewing of the best rallies and shots by the tt-genius Waldner, and also reveals some of his personality in interviews (mainly in Swedish with English subtitles). Thanks to the various close-up shots it becomes clear how much feeling is slumbering within the Swede who seems to be so cool.

Join us on our journey back to the table tennis of the eighties and nineties. Accompany Jan-Ove Waldner who is able to do the most unbelievable shots, and experience the atmosphere of World and European Championships as well as the Olympic Games - and the fascinating duel between China and Sweden, which were formative for world table tennis for almost two decades.

The legend lives - and thanks to this DVD it will live for ever. A must-see for every table tennis fan, a wonderful gift, but also an inspiration for everybody who struggles to find the energy to practice. If you watch Waldner for a while, you will definitely feel inspired.