Stiga Magna TC II

$47.95 $32.95
Brand: Stiga
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 88
Spin: 86
Control: 73
Hardness: Medium-Soft

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Original price was in 2019


Stiga Magna TC II opens totally new perspectives: it is more dynamic, more sensitive, generates noticeably greater spin - and it is very fast. You get a crisp, clear sound from the Magna TC II when striking the ball.

With Stiga Magna TC II you can easily attack short balls over the table and you will feel the grip and speed when touching the ball. In today's modern game, topspin and topspin rallies are more and more important. With the Magna TC II you can attack your opponent's shots with confidence and take control of rallies.

Stiga Magna TC II is recommended for highly skilled attackers with excellent technique.

The success of the Tension Clic and Tension Sound sponges is enormous with Stiga Boost rubbers. They have developed a new version of these sponges and combined them with the very popular Magna top sheet. The new version of the Tension Clic and Tension Sound sponges is developed specifically to fit the unique characteristics of the Magna top sheet and will transform your game, bringing out the very best in each individual player.

Stiga Magna TC II is made in Japan.
awesome after it got broken in

The first few days I played with it, it was a bit bouncy and kind of like out of control. After a few weeks getting used to it. It gives me back all the ones that I had missed played before. This is an awesome rubber. This will be the choice of my rubber sheet

- Ed L, BC

Great new rubber

Ive got a timo Boll ZLF blade. Coming from having tenergy 64 on my backhand. Put on a black sheet in max and am very pleased with the control. You have to work a little harder to loop underspin but the control is much greater. Blocking is a breeze and topspin to topspin is excellent. Its much easier to be precise in the short game also. It does have a pretty good top gear. Not as fast as 64 but youre going to keep it on the table more often.

- Fred, MI

Great new rubber

I use regular magna red max on my forehand with a CarboKev blade. This works great for me. When I learned of a new updated magna, I had to try it. So after waiting too long, I finally got it. All I can say is that it is a little faster than regular magna and a touch more spinny. Be careful though, the TS is really, really soft! I use the TC and it is supposed to be a medium sponge but feels more like medium-soft. I have always thought regular magna was too hard anyway. If you use traditional magna, you will love this rubber. You will be able to control it better than Tenergy as well. I will probably stick with Neos tacky for backhand because Magna TC would be too fast for my backhand, but thats just me. Hope this helps. Stiga Rocks!

- Joshua C, GA