Nittaku 3-Star Premium 40+ Ball

Brand: Nittaku
Material: Poly
Ball Type: Competition



Nittaku 3-Star Premium 40+ balls are a global standard in table tennis. This non-celluloid, plastic is made in Japan. It is ITTF approved and legal for all ITTF sanctioned tournaments.

This ball is the highest quality poly ball, with outstanding durability, roundness, and consistency. It is made with special poly material available only to Nittaku. The label on the ball says "Nittaku Premium 40+" and "Made in Japan". Packaged in boxes of 3 balls. Available in white only.

The Nittaku 3-Star Premium 40+ ball is the official ball of USA Table Tennis, used at the US Nationals and US Open, as well as major tournaments throughout North America. It is the official ball for the 2017 World Championships in Germany. It is used worldwide in major tournaments including the TMS 2014 European Table Tennis Championships in Lisbon, the Liebherr 2015 ITTF European Table Tennis Championships in Ekaterinburg, the 2015 ITTF World Team Cup in Dubai, the 2015 Women’s World Cup in Sendai, and the 2016 Tokyo Open.

Q & A about the new Poly Balls:
The introduction of the new plastic “Poly Ball” for table tennis has created a lot of excitement in the table tennis world. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions with answers direct from Paddle Palace:

1) What is the new ball rule?
The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) passed a resolution that all ITTF events after July 1, 2014, must use non-celluloid plastic balls.

2) Are celluloid balls no longer legal?
Celluloid balls continue to be legal for the sport of table tennis. The ITTF continues to approve celluloid balls. All the of the 3-star balls available at Paddle Palace are legal for tournament play.

3) Which tournaments are affected by the ITTF resolution?
ITTF Sanctioned tournaments only are included in the resolution. This includes the World Championships, the ITTF World Tour, ITTF Junior Circuit, and ITTF sanctioned continental events.

4) Are USA tournaments required to use the new ball?
No. Domestic tournaments can choose to use any approved ball, either celluloid or non-celluloid.

5) Why did ITTF make this resolution for a new plastic ball?
Celluloid is a plastic, but it is a flammable material that has restrictive international shipping and storing regulations. Celluloid was once a widely used industrial plastic, but it is no longer a common material. Table tennis balls were one of the last products on the market still made with celluloid.

6) Have table tennis balls always been made of celluloid?
No. Non-celluloid plastic balls were used in competition decades ago. And for many years, low quality recreational plastic balls have been available. But the new ITTF approved competition grade balls are a big improvement over the “toy” balls, and they also have been improved since the first prototypes were produced over a year ago.

7) What are the variations of poly balls available?
For 3-star balls, Paddle Palace has two models from Nittaku and one from DHS. One Nittaku 3-star ball is made in China and the other is made by Nittaku in Japan. The Made in China ball is the Nittaku 3-Star SHA 40+ ball and the Made in Japan ball is the Nittaku 3-Star Premium 40+ ball. The Nittaku Premium 40+ ball is made with a premium poly material that is exclusive to Nittaku. It is more durable than previous table tennis balls, and it has very consistent roundness and hardness.

The DHS 3-Star poly balls, made in China, are also available at Paddle Palace.

Nittaku has a 2-star poly ball made in Japan, the Nittaku 2-Star Superior 40+ Ball. This is an excellent lower-cost alternative to the 3-star balls. It is an excellent quality ball made with the same materials and in the same factory as the Premium 40+.

Paddle Palace also has poly practice balls in stock, from DHS and Nittaku.

8) What color is the new ball?
At this time, only white balls are available. Eventually, the new plastic balls will be available in both white and orange.

9) Will celluloid balls continue to be available?
Paddle Palace will stock celluloid balls as long as they are available. The ball manufacturers have mostly stopped making celluloid balls.

10) How does the new ball play? How does this change the game?
These are the million dollar questions! Keep checking PaddlePalace.com for more information and reviews on the new balls!

Good balls

I like these. nice solid feel to them, you can still impart major spin, and they last pretty decently long. And, they are official balls so you know you are playing with the same balls as the pro's.

Perhaps the best of the poly balls ...

For a poly ball it's perhaps the best you'll find in terms of durability, performance, and sound. Unfortunately, none of the poly balls plays as well as the celluloid balls. And they certainly don't spin nearly as well. The only downsides to these balls I've encountered to date are that they tend to get very smooth and slippery, and develop a brownish color, as they age.


Nittaku Poly 3star premuim ball

Ball marks up (brightness diminishes) too quickly, other than that, a perfect ball. Rating: 8.5 out of 10.

- G B Nelson, CA

Best Poly Balls

I've been tried so many different types of poly balls since the new requirement. First I tried out the Nittaku 2 stars, I thought it was pretty good. And cost much less than the 3 stars. But after the 2nd shippment. I noticed some of the ball's seam are uneven (Bumpy). Poorly made, causes the ball play poorly. I ended up trash them. But there's no camparison to the 3 stars. I hope they will make them in yellow soon. Because of our walls are all white color.

- k yuen, CA

Durability and quality is as good as the old celluloid balls

We used the Nittaku40+ poly ball at the Texas Weslyan Tournament this weekend and I did not see any break. The balls were round and bounced uniformly. The exterior seemed a tiny bit rougher than the celluloid 3 star balls but they performed great.

- Gene Tuttle, TX

Nittaku poly balls

PLEASE start manufacturing these balls in orange!

Nittaku ball

Nittaku ball are to expensive

3 months of play and still havent broken one

I play in a tech office, we have carpeting which helps, but we were breaking other 3-star balls at least once a month from just general play it was time to try something new. These Premiums have withstood tantrums, excessive slams, in ~ 100 hours of play. No sign of breaking anytime soon. My only critique - I prefer orange as its easier to see.


Best of a very poor lot?

None of the new poly-balls compare to the old celluloid balls. The feel is different and they break more frequently. We broke 5 of these Nittaku 3* balls in one night at our club recently- never had that problem with the old balls. This ball also has a rough surface texture which I dont like. However, among the poly-balls, it may be as good as any. We havent tried them all, but their problems range from frailty to lack of consistency. And finally, the cost of this particular ball is outrageous- 50% more than for the highest quality celluloid.



good, even, consistant

- zj z, AL

Nittaku balls real winner

From Western Australia have just used this ball for our South West Open last weekend, for first useage in our sSate. Everyone raved about the ball as its so akin to the celluloid Nittaku of old. All tournament we broke only one ball, so that is also some recommendation after frequent faults using other poly balls.

Neil Coy

no buy

Tried the 2-star .. First time ever... Only since you cant ever get 3-star. Not impressed with the $2+ each 2-star... though I guess they are okay to fill up the robot... they play semi-reasonably. Got the idea somewhere they were seamless... but I see a seam. ...feels like big time table tennis... Wheres Dick the Bruiser?

- Dave, MI

Readily available in Japan

A friend brought the Nittaku 3-Star Premium 40+ from Japan for me. He told me that they are readily available in Japan as the Worlds used the Butterfly and only the Butterfly was available for purchase at the Worlds. Why they are NOT available in the USA makes no sense !! So far after 7 hours, it has not broken and seems almost identical to the old ball. It is holding the spin off the table and bouncing off the table as opposed to the Chinese junk. So far all the players I have played with the Nittaku 3-Star Premium 40+ from Japan are very happy with it !! Paddle Palace please sell the Japanese Nittaku 3-Star Premium 40+ to the general public.

- Aharon Shapiro, CA

Best Polly Ball Out There, But Still Not As Good As Celluloid

I have used different kinds of poly balls, mostly Joola and this new 40+ from Nittaku (Japanese version). I am a heavy 2 winged looper and I will ALWAYS prefer the celluloid balls over the poly ones, but if I had to choose a poly ball to play with, it would be this one. I ordered mine about 4 months ago directly from Japan. The first thing I noticed was how hard they felt compared to the celluloid Nittaku's. They felt twice as hard as the Butterfly balls. I did notice though that all of the 6 that I ordered were perfectly round. I couldn't see any defects at all. Also, they are VERY durable. I have had 2 break, but only 1 by hitting, the other got accidently stepped on. For hours and hours of table time, only having 1 ball break is pretty good. It's just not as spinny, no matter how hard you loop the ball. There is no delay on the bounce either. No skidding of the ball as it spins on the table and then jumping up like with celluloid balls. It bounces very even no matter if it has a ton of spin or not. This threw my timing off and it will take most people some time to get used to it. This is why I rate it 4 stars....it's a good poly ball, the best poly ball, but still falls short in comparison to the celluloid. Good job though Nittaku....but there is room for improvement.

- T M, FL

New Premium Ball

Great Ball but if you can't buy them it is meaningless. Why would you change the ball for all big tournaments if players cannot purchase them? This is an example of poor leadership within the USATT.


No question this is the best poly ball

I have tried all the new plastic balls and by far this is the best poly ball. We are using Premium 40+ at the US Nationals and it is plays very well. It is not breaking. But best of all the bounce is consistent, roundness is consistent, it does not wobble. I wish all tournaments would use this ball.

T Nguyen

Nittaku 3 stars PREMIUM 40+ make in Japan

I agree with the other reviewers on this new poly ball. This is much harder and play very close to the 40 cell. ball. You must be sure that it is make in Japan and Premium. It is more expensive but worth it.

- Allan Yeung, AB

Agreed, don't bother with any other 40+ ball

I prefer the premium celluloid ball but this new one is really close and lasts a lot longer before cracking. I had to adjust my fast backhand loop. The ball seemed to be grabbing less with a quick rotation + hit. Probably because it's hard and doesn't deform on the face of the bat.

- Eric E, CA

Nittaku 3-Star premium 40+ ball

I have played with the DHS 40+, Double fish 40+, Xushaofa seamless 40+, and the Nittaku 3-Star Premium 40+. Among the four, Nittaku has the best playability, bounce and feel--closest to the 40mm(39.5mm) balls. However after one hour of looping drill, some serve and return drills, 10+ smashes, the ball seemed to lose it's " vitality "--felt dull and slow. May be the plastic became softened or deformed. Hope the manufacturer can check into it.

- bob C, CA

Best Balls!!!!!!

Most consistant ball out there. Test 2 balls and both were consistant. Feels a little faster then the SHA balls. No other poly ball even comes close.