Nittaku 3-Star Premium Ball

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Item# BNPR
Brand: Nittaku
Material: Celluloid
Ball Type: Competition

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The Nittaku 3-Star Premium 40 table tennis ball is the highest grade of Nittaku 3-Star celluloid balls. It is manufactured in Japan by Nittaku to higher specifications with higher quality material than any other ball. It stands in a classification of its own.

Nittaku 3-Star Premium balls are more consistant in hardness and they last longer than any other ball in the world. Label on ball says "Premium 40, Made in Japan". The best ball in any dimension!

Type: Celluloid

Celluloid balls are no longer in production. They are no longer approved for sanctioned tournaments.


The best balls ever made

- Bill Petrovic, IL

love love love

This is a wonderful ball, feels like its part of the bat and not something you hitting around so you can just become part of the game. I have been playing 38mm, then 40mm celluloid to plastic 40+. nittaku still reigns supreme on all fronts and I imagine the nittaku plastic will be part of the natural game feel in the near future. Wish the powers that be would bring back a smaller 38mm faster ball even in plastic but time willl tell...

- Lloyd Meador, CO

The Ball !!!

What a ball !!! This is a true best ball to play with. Two thumbs up !


Nittaku Premium Balls

Do not waste your time and money playing on cheaper balls, it will just ruin your strokes.

Jr MS Rahway

Nittaku Premium

The best ball money can buy

Segun, Nigeria

Nittaku Premium 3*

These are my favorite 3* balls.

Best ball period!!

Ive been playing with these balls for over 25 years, nothing comes close to the quality and performance of a Premium Nittaku product. Only one negative point, they are a bit pricey. You get what you pay for!!!

- Sam D., CA


Yes, they are expensive but they are without a doubt the best ball on the market. I generally get at least 80-100 hours of play out of each ball often I lose the ball before it breaks. Bounce is noticeably more consistent than regular Nittaku & Stiga 3 Star balls, & way better than DHS & SportCraft 3 star balls. If you are skeptical, just try a 3 pack & if you are a serious player I can promise you will never want to play with anything else. If you just cant afford them, I would recommend Butterfly 3 star balls Amazon sells them but good luck finding them in orange, I wish Paddle Palace had a wider ball selection, but at least they carry the best ball ever made. Nittaku Top Balls are also a cheaper alternative but even though they are made in the same factory & with the same material as the Premium balls, the Premium’s are noticeably better. Ive yet to find another ball that is this good overall.

- Tony Goss, MO

Awesome Balls

These balls are great. I get the orange because I feel like theyre easier to see. But besides that, quality is great and my friends really enjoy playing with them. Theres no other ball Ill ever buy.

- Justin Rosales, NJ

Best ball period

I practice with DHS 3 star balls but I play using these. Even my girlfriend who doesnt play much Table tennis can feel the difference between DHS 3 star balls and these. They last much longer than other balls so unless someone steps on one, they might be cheaper since they last longer.

Best TT balls In the universe !

Made in Japan means alot to me when it comes to quality. Japanese cars, Nikon cameras and Nittaku 3-Star Premium and Made in Japan...doesnt get any better than this.

- Gary A., CA

Nittaku Premium Balls - made in Japan

This Nittaku balls play the best and actually last at least 1.5 - 2 times the life comparing to other brands including Butterfly, Stiga or DHS. This may be worth to buy them, however, they are out of stock often. So stock up! Did Anyone try the new Nittaku Top balls also make in Japan? Please comment.

- Allan, AB


These balls could possibly be the best, but for almost $8, I could buy twice as many DHS Olympic Balls which are nearly just as good. Very good balls, but extremely overpriced

- Bryce, WI

5 estrellas y no 3

esta es la mejor bola de tenis de mesa con la que he jugado en 25 años de experiencia

Excellent balls!

Nittaku 3 Star Premium balls are absolutely the best I have played with. I would recommend these to anyone. However, they are pretty expensive;over 2 dollars a piece. Otherwise, I must say they are very good.

- Michael, CA

Great Ball !!!!

Love this Table Tennis Ball ! Dave recommended this ball and I am very happy. K

thats what she said

i just got two packs and they play GREAT!!!

- Greg T, CA

Great Balls

My favorite ping pong balls I will not play with anything else.

- Mikael Fenster, FL

There is no comparison with Nittaku Premium

I disagree with the last review. The DHS balls are made in China, like most of the other three star balls on the market. The Nittaku Premium is made in Japan by Nittaku. The comparison for DHS would be the regular Nittaku 3-Star balls which are also made in China. If you want to save money, you can get the regular 3-star balls. If quality matters to you and you want the the BEST, get the Premium.

- J.F., CA

Yes its nice but

Yes its nice, but its expensive!!! Similar DHS ball sell for half the price and its 98% close to the quality, value wise, Nittaku is terrible.

Nittaku Premium 3 Star

I dont use any other ball than this. It has a consistent bounce and does not break easily. Each ball I have lasts about 2 months or more. Other balls I have tried are not as consistent and do not have the same wall thickness as the Nittakus. Definitly the best choice for a developing player or a serious player because of the consistentcy and the life. These balls are also a great price for being the best balls in the world. My number 1 choice for sure.

- Matthew, AP

Nittaku Rated very high among our Asian Players

Once we started using the Nittaku Premium ball we were all hooked. You can feel, see and experience the balls quality during each stroke!

- James Chambers, INT

I also agree

This is THE BEST ball that you can buy.


THE Best

Dont even spend time mulling over which ball to get... these are THE best.

I agree

I have tried several different balls that claim to be the best. From 4 diamonds to everything else. But nothing compares to the excellent roundness and hardness of these balls. I love them, and guard them carefully. You wont find anything better than these, and if you do, email me... Richie

The Best

These balls are the "Official" choice for a reason. They are the best. Great orange color, not too bright. Very responsive to soft touch, hard smashes, and spin. Excellent sound on the table.

Nittaku: With the Bounce That Counts

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