Nittaku Hino Blade 7.22

Item# SNH72
Brand: Nittaku
Class: OFF+
Speed: 94
Control: 64
Blade Weight: 88
Plies: 7w, 4c
Blade Thickness: 5.4
Blade Handles: FL
Material: Wood + Composite



The Nittaku Hino Blade 7.22 is a fast offensive blade. It is stiffer than the Hino 5.22 and very solid, perfect for finishing the point and blocking.

Made with the finest Kiso Hinoki wood, which on average is aged 300 years. This wood was used for building traditional Japanese palaces, and is well known for being flexible yet firm.

Due to the lightweight Hinoki wood, this blade does not feel heavy at all.

The 7 layers of Kiso Hinoki wood is combined with 4 layers of high elasticity carbon fiber, located very close to the top Hinoki layers, for high performance table tennis play.

Made in Japan.