Nittaku Miyabi Round Penhold

Brand: Nittaku
Class: OFF+
Speed: 95
Control: 59
Blade Weight: 85
Plies: 1w
Blade Thickness: 9.0
Blade Handles: J-2
Combo Price: $169.95
Material: All Wood
Type: 2-Side

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The Nittaku Miyabi Round penhold blade is made with one ply of hinoki wood (Kiso Japanese cypress). It plays fast with a soft feel. Head shape is rounded. Once you experience the feel of this one-ply blade, you will be hooked!

Blade head dimensions: 155 x 142mm
Miyabi Round Penhold

Great design, good material, suitable thickness but very poor size. The size is too small not a standard size and not for professional plays use.

- long Peng, NJ

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