Nittaku Renanos Hold

Brand: Nittaku
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 89
Spin: 93
Control: 71
Hardness: Medium-Hard



Very spinny high-quality rubber. Enables a topspin shot with severe spin, and excellent speed for fast topspin play. With a well-executed loop, the ball drops quickly as it crosses the net then leaps forward when landing on the table.

Very good rubber, can not go wrong with.

- Bill Petrovic, IL

Advanced Rubber

Used this rubber on Stiga Clipper Classic as a base. Very spinney, reactive to incoming spin so blade angle is crucial. Loops were very powerful seething with spin. Not for beginners. This has got to be the "Darth Vader" of rubbers. Very fast, very spinney, killer rubber if you train on a regular basis.


Solid Overall

Tried it on a friends racket and loved it FH. Bought it myself and put it on my Clipper CR, thought it was just OK. Switched it over to Offensive S, rubber came alive. Solid all around. Must be very blade dependent. However, I think Ill go back to Hurricane 3 after this one is worn out.

A dark horse.

I dont know why this rubber isnt spoken of more. It is very spinny, plenty fast, easy to use, with excellent feel. It is also very linear, making it predictable and responsive to everything I can ask of it. It has a nice click with the right stroke, too. Im an attack-oriented player--roughly 1800 USATT--and this rubber does it all for me: brutal loops and drives, for certain, with excellent control for blocks, pushes, etc. I will admit that I kind of rolled the dice in buying this rubber because there is so little info about it online, but it was a gamble that paid off. Ive found my forehand rubber.



It is a good rubber with great spin. It good for topspin and mid distance. I like this rubber.

very high quality topspins

Even if Im not in good position to get a quality loop shot in, its almost automatic with this rubber. Very spinney and great control. Im hooked.