Nittaku Rorin Penhold

Item# PNRO9J
Brand: Nittaku
Class: OFF+
Speed: 98
Control: 56
Blade Weight: 90
Plies: 1w
Blade Thickness: 9.0
Blade Handles: J-1
Combo Price: $198.95
Material: All Wood
Type: 1-Side

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Lightning fast! The great Nittaku Rorin blade in 9.0 mm blade thickness. Very popular Japanese-style penhold. One of the best-selling one-ply penholds on the market. Highest quality (and increasingly rare) Hinoki wood.
Pretty good

My first 1 ply j-pen blade. 10 mm. Back then I discovered, like many others, the special characteristics of the single ply. Mainly touch and the ability to drive with control. But I continued to buy other heavier one ply hinoky blades (and cheaper). Compared to the others is slightly flexible. I came to the conclusion now that it's not my favourite anymore. I have to use faster rubbers on it than I use on the others. Anyway, it's easy to find good combinations for it. The handle is kind of narrow for my hand. Aesthetically is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship.