Nittaku Violin Chinese Penhold

Brand: Nittaku
Class: OFF
Speed: 88
Control: 65
Blade Weight: 84
Plies: 5w
Blade Thickness: 5.3
Blade Handles: C
Material: All Wood
Type: 2-Side

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Offered in Japanese rectangular style, Japanese round style, and Chinese style. A finely tuned instrument! Nittaku has applied to the production of the table tennis blade a special binding method originally used for crafting the finest stringed instruments. This special process succeeds in preserving the wood’s natural elasticity. Every ply and stage of production receives special handling and scrutiny. Fast with the ultimate feeling of mastery. You will appreciate the unique hitting feeling and never forget it.

Back side is plain wood for all three styles. Rubber can be adhered to both sides for both Chinese-style and Japanese-Style.