PRO SPECIAL: Andro Synteliac ZCO OFF/S with Rasanter R53

$280.85 $238.95
Item# ZZSASZO312
Brand: Andro
Type: Shakehand
Speed: 98
Spin: 97

Blade: Andro Synteliac ZCO OFF/S (flared)
Rubber: Andro Rasanter R53 (max sponge)
Playing Style: Modern Offense In Stock


The Andro Synteliac ZCO OFF/S blade (flared handle) comes assembled with Andro Rasanter R53 rubber (max sponge).

OVERALL: This combination is recommended for aggressive offensive players who require excellent control at high speeds.

THE BLADE: The Andro Synteliac ZCO OFF/S (flared handle) has a newly developed Zyreema carbon which gives immense power and dynamics as well as a crystal-clear sound. Opens up new spheres of speed, spin and variability in your game. Your game will see an immense increase in quality.

THE RUBBER: Andro Rasanter R53 (max sponge) is powered by maximum spin and high dynamics. The Andro ENERGY CELL sponge with highly elastic cell structure ensures an extremely dynamic energy transfer, especially for fast and hard topspins. The hard 53 sponge provides immediate feedback on ideal ball contact. You will be surprised how soft 53 can feel like. The R rubber surface for maximum rotation gains additively more impact through the ENERGY CELL sponge. AVAILABLE IN GREEN, as well as traditional red and black rubber.