PRO SPECIAL: Nittaku Acoustic Carbon LG Grip

$279.85 $237.95
Item# ZZSNACL308
Brand: Nittaku
Type: Shakehand
Speed: 94
Spin: 96

Blade: NITTAKU Acoustic Carbon LG Grip (flared handle)
Rubber: NITTAKU Fastarc G-1 (2.0 mm sponge)
Playing Style: Modern Offense In Stock


The Nittaku Acoustic Carbon LG Grip blade comes assembled with Fastarc G-1 rubber.

THE BLADE: The Acoustic Carbon LG Grip blade is made with special wood lamination technology originally used in stringed instrument production, incorporated with new FE-carbon material. This construction creates a solid feel and even more power. Feel the blade in every part of your hand!

THE RUBBER: The Fastarc G-1 rubber combines a power topsheet with a built-in tension power sponge to produce the ideal combination of ball speed and ball arc -- an outstanding powerful spin ball.

OVERALL: This blade and rubber combo is the perfect combination for offensive minded players who want to dominate counter looping rallies.