PRO SPECIAL: Nittaku Latika Light with Nittaku Factive

$144.85 $122.95
Item# ZZSNLAL311
Brand: Nittaku
Type: Shakehand
Speed: 87
Spin: 92

Blade: Nittaku Latika Light (flared handle)
Rubber: Nittaku Factive (2.0 mm sponge)
Playing Style: Allround Offense In Stock


The Nittaku Latika Light blade comes assembled with Factive rubber.

THE BLADE: The Latika Light blade (flared handle) offers an outstanding balance of offense and defense. Great feeling of stability and touch. Light in weight.

THE RUBBER: The Factive (2.0mm sponge) rubber top sheet has special materials that enable strong power, with inward pimples shaped to provide a good bit feeling. This in combination with a mid-hard sponge allows you to play with versatile styles.

OVERALL: Recommended for the allround or intermediate level player looking for a balance of offensive capability and excellent control.