PRO SPECIAL: Nittaku Resist II with Nittaku Moristo DF

$150.85 $116.95
Item# ZZSNRS2305
Brand: Nittaku
Type: Shakehand
Speed: 65
Spin: 88

Blade: NITTAKU Resist II (straight handle)
Rubber: NITTAKU Nittaku Moristo DF (1.8 mm sponge)
Playing Style: Defensive with Spin In Stock


The Nittaku Resist II blade comes assembled with Moristo DF rubber.

THE BLADE: The Nittaku Resist II blade is made for the defensive player seeking versatility and stability. It is made in Japan with five plies of wood, using Yanagi (willow) wood on the exterior layer. It's light in weight giving extra ease in handling.

THE RUBBER: The Moristo DF rubber allows the ball to dig deep into the sponge for a great spring effect with slower speed, providing a hang effect to give extra control on chops.

OVERALL: This combination is outstanding for the pure defensive and chopping players.

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