PRO SPECIAL PENHOLD: Stiga Allround Classic with Mantra Control

$124.95 $108.95
Brand: Stiga
Type: Penhold: 2-Side
Speed: 76
Spin: 82

Blade: Stiga Allround Classic (penhold)
Rubber: Stiga Mantra Control (2.0mm sponge)
Playing Style: Allround Control In Stock


The Stiga Allround Classic penhold blade is assembled with Stiga Mantra Control rubber with 2.0mm sponge thickness.

OVERALL: Together this combination is ideal for allround players, and is especially recommended for players looking for their first competition padddle. THE BLADE: The Allround Classic has the perfect balance between speed, weight, and feel, which is the reason behind its enormous popularity among allround  and developing players.

THE RUBBER: The Stiga Mantra Control rubber with 2.0mm sponge is ideal for players seeking to develop their technique. The combination of natural and synthetic rubber increases the durability.